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How do I create


in Microsoft Word?

Many will tell you can’t - well in fact you can.

These basic instructions are for

Word 2007

for Windows.

You may have to adapt them for other versions.

Let’s assume you want an A4 document and you want images to go right to the edge of the


From what we read earlier, we now know that we have to extend these images off the edge of

the page so when guillotined down, we end up with a nice clean edge with no white border


In Microsoft Word, the only way to do this is to make the sheet bigger than A4 to included the



Open up a new document - A4.

In the Page Layout Tab; Size > More Paper Sizes

Change the width to 216mm (21.6cm) and the height to 303mm (30.3cm).

Press OK and you’ve now got a sheet that’s 3mm bigger than A4 on all 4 edges.

So, you’ve now got room for the


Now we need to set the ‘Safe Area’. The area within which we should put all text and other

important data so it doesn’t go too close to the edge of the sheet and run the risk of being cut


So in the Page Layout > Margins > Custom Margins, change all 4 margins to 1.0cm. Press OK

and ‘Ignore’ any warning messages about margins being outside of the printable area.

Now, go to the View tab and make sure ‘Gridlines’ is checked.

(Note. The gridlines won’t print so don’t worry).

You’re now ready to start designing.

Any important text or data should be kept inside the gridlines but images that you want to print

right to the edge of the sheet need to ‘kiss’ the very edge of the document.

This means that if you want to place images on the page that need to


, just drag them to

the edge of the sheet. Remember that we’ll cut about 3mm off.

When you have finished your design you need to create a PDF.