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Choose File > Save As > PDF

Give it a name and specify where you want to save it to.

Below that, make sure it says Standard and not Minimum size.

Then choose Publish.

Open your PDF and make sure it is all there, including the bleed area.

Let’s hope that worked!

Oh, if not go to our home page where there are some ready made templates you could try.

But I want A5.

Ok, follow all of the previous instructions but change the width to 154.5mm (15.45cm) and the

height to 216mm (21.6cm).

Then start designing.

But I want to design it in A4 but have it printed as A5

Ok, but we need 5mm bleed and 10mm safe area so when we reduce it to A5 nothing is too


So, follow all the previous instructions but the document size should be 220mm (22cm) and the

height should be 307mm (30.7cm).

The margins should be 1.5cm.