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Do I need to create bleed for every job?


Just make sure that no printing goes closer than 7mm to the edge

of the sheet.

What about cut marks?

Always nice to have them but we don’t really need them providing

you have added 3mm bleed all round we will sort it out.

I’ve already got a design but I haven’t added bleed?

There are a couple of solutions.

1) We can reduce it so that it has a small 5mm white border on all

4 edges.

2) It may be possible for us to enlarge it to be bigger than the

intended size and create the bleed that way. However, this will

only work if there isn’t any important data too close to the edge.

Is it different for Books?

Paperback Books: Whilst we can produce the inner pages of books

with bleed, all text & important data needs to be at least 18mm

from the binding edge and 12mm from the other 3.

Wire Books : All text & important data needs to be 15mm from the

binding edge and 10mm from the other 3.