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How do I create


in InDesign?

These basic instructions are for version


. You may have to adapt them for other versions.

Let’s assume you want an A4 document and you want images to go right to the edge of the


We now know that we have to extend these images off the edge of the page so when guillotined

down, we end up with a nice clean edge with no white border showing.

Open up a new document.

In the Opening Dialogue, set your page size, colums & margins as required

Then from the same Opening Dialogue, select ‘More Options’

Set Margins to 7mm



to 3mm on all 4 edges

Set Slug to 0mm on all 4 edges.


When it opens you will have

The document (black border)

The inside margins (purple border)



area (red border)

Design your job making sure any images that need to


are dragged off the edge of the

document to ‘kiss’ the red border. Don’t forget to keep all important data & text 7mm from the

edge of the edge of the sheet (in other words, within the purple border).

When you have finished your design you need to create a PDF.

Choose File > Adobe PDF Presets > High Quality Print

Give it a name and specify where you want to save it to.


A window will open (Export Adobe PDF settings)

On the left menu:

Compression : Leave this alone

Marks &


: Choose ‘Crop Marks’ (but no others) and ‘Use Document



Output : Leave this alone

Advanced : Leave this alone

Security : Leave this alone

Summary : Leave this alone

then Export.

Open your PDF and make sure it is all there, including the cut marks.

Let’s hope that worked!