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So, once the book has been bound and trimmed

down it looks like this.

Notice that both images appear to kiss the edge of the finished sheet.

That’s because we made sure they


off the edge so that when

guillotined down, the knife cut right through some of the printed area.

Had we not done this then several of the books would have ended up with

white edges showing next to the photos. We learned the reason for that

when we read the flip book about



Some images just aren’t suitable for


right up to the edge.

For example, notice how the dog on the back cover has lost the top of his

head and some of his flowers have been chopped off too.

Always, consider this when chosing an image to


. Make sure that

there isn’t anything important that could get chopped off.


Pete Smith

Cute Dogs by Pete Smith is a

world best seller at airports and

other places where people are

so bored that they’ll read any

old rubbish.


Cute Dogs

by Peter Smith