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So how do I work out the spine width?

On our web site, we have a simple calculator. Either type the

following into your browser

Or go to our Home Page then our Paperback Book page.


Input the exact number of pages in your book.


Input the paper you want to use.

The spine width is shown at the bottom of the form.


You need to be precise as it works it out to the nearest 0.1mm.

If you design your cover and add 2 extra pages later this will

increase the book thicknes by 0.1mm and if the cover hasn’t

been designed to this size then you’ll find that some of the

front cover ends up being printed on the spine.

If your book is printed on 80gsm paper and contains 194

pages, the answer will be 10.4.

Your spine should be 10.4

not 10

not 11

not 10.5.

It MUST be EXACTLY 10.4.