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I don’t want a simple cover

I want my printing to go to the edge of the sheet.

OK, no problem but before you go any further you have

to ask yourself if you really understand about


and why we need it and how you create it.

Files that have images that go right to the edge of the

sheet need to


off the edge by 3mm.

In any case, the 7mm rule still applies.

Don’t have any text or important parts of images closer

than 7mm to the edge of the sheet.

Otherwise you run the risk of them being cut off and in

any case, most of the time it looks ugly, poorly

designed and all squashed.

So, we have a flip book like the one you’re reading all



and how to create it.

It’s made a complicated subject quite easy to


Go to the bottom of our Home Page where there is a link.

Have a read and then come back.