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What's Included
Sample Bound Copy
Wire Bound Copy For Proof Reading
Gloss Laminated Full Colour Single Sided 2-3mm Stiff Board Cover
Full Colour or Black Digital Print on inside pages
Square Back Binding
Free Delivery (to most UK mainland addresses)
Discount if you can collect
Printing direct from your print-ready PDF
36 month storage of your file in case of reprints
Free, helpful telephone or email advice
Happy with the price?
  1. All you need to do now is send us your file as an email attachment or upload it to our FTP site.
  2. Give us some some brief details of your requirements. There is no need to pay on line now.
  3. When we receive it, we'll get back to you with a firm price and we can discuss payment options and deposits etc. at this point
Microsoft Word Users?
We can often work from a correctly laid out PC Word file at no extra cost.
Other Software Users?
Phone us for a chat.
Still in the dark ages? Never mind, we can help. Phone for a chat and a quote.
Bar Code
The Bar Code we can supply & position for you is a 100% black vector based one. Not a pixel based RGB one which may not be readable. Please leave a white box of 35 x 28mm.
Novels are often zero rated but other books may not be. Please seek our advice if this could affect you.
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Let us get you started. Just call and let us know where we can help you. Advice is free and it costs nothing to ask.
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We also print Paperback Books.
Your Sample Copy
Included in the total price is a set up charge of £60 and you will also receive an un-laminated but bound sample copy. After receiving this, if you decide you want to make changes (no matter how small) we will have to start again and there will be a new set up charge of £60.
Therefore, if you haven't proof read your document properly before sending it to us then we strongly suggest you have a wire bound proof which costs an extra £15. This includes a paper version of the outer cover for you to check positioning etc.
If you want to make changes after receiving this and decide to submit a new file then there is no extra charge unless you want a new wire bound proof for further proof reading.
Upon approval of the wire bound proof or receipt of a new file, we will then send you the bound sample but remember any changes once you receive it will cost £60 so you need be happy there are no errors in the book before proceeding to this stage of the production cycle.
We do not recommend this but, if you are happy that there are not going to be any changes and wish to proceed direct to the bound sample then deselect the option for the wire bound proof.
We suggest you leave 18mm on the binding edge and 12mm on the other 3 edges. You can leave more if you wish but these are the minimums we recommend.
Providing there are no changes whatsoever to the 1st batch we printed for you, there is no need to pay the £60 set up charge again. All reprints are however subject to a minimum invoice value of £70.
Paper Selection
80gsm Matt Bond is very similar to standard copy paper and is the most popular choice.
100gsm Matt Bond is often chosen for thinner books to bulk them out a bit and also to minimise show through.
120gsm Matt Bond is for those who need a quality feel to their job but need to keep costs down.
85gsm Milk is a quality off-white book wove paper and popular amongst publishers.
90gsm Design Pro is a smooth calendered paper which fits somewhere between a matt bond finish and a silk art one. Lightweight and popular for books containing colour photos.
100gsm Edizioni is a textured cream paper and is the closest we can to get simulating those rough linen papers used in the 16th & 17th centuries. Choose this for a real Olde Worlde feel to your book.
130gsm Gloss Art is used as standard for our full colour books as it lends itself better to photo reproduction but you can also choose this for black & white ones as well.
130gsm Silk Art is the same but less shiny.
Ask for a sample pack
How To Guides
What is bleed Book Cover Design
Complex things made simple
How Do I Layout My Cover?
If you compare a hardback book to a paperback, you will notice that the cover on a hardback book is bigger than the insides. Therefore hardback book covers  need to be designed with this in mind and need to be 6mm wider and 6mm taller than the inside pages.

The spine of a hardback book cover should not be supplied separately to the outside front and outside back cover. Instead, best designs incorporate an overall wrap around image. If you produce the spine in a different colour or a solid block colour, it is likely that some of the colour will be visible on the front or the back cover.

Once you input the correct number of pages and your chosen paper for the insides into the calculator above, it will work out the spine for you.

The entire wrap around cover will need 10mm bleed all around the edge to allow for it to disappear seamlessly underneath the end papers.

We will happily supply you with a diagram showing the correct dimensions including bleed, safe areas and spine width etc.  Just get in touch and we will ask all the questions we need.

As an alternative it may well be possible for us to layout your cover for you for a minimal charge starting at £30. Not to be confused with a layout service, we can also offer a basic design service as well.